Trade-In Appraisal

Trading in your current car, truck, or SUV has never been easier! Here at Harvard Auto Sales you can quickly and easily have your vehicle appraised online by our team of sales professionals. They know the amount your ride will fetch in the markets of Windsor, Lower Sackville, Dartmouth, Bedford, and Halifax – so you get the most for your trade!

Our appraisal process is simple and easy – just fill out the form below to describe the vehicle you wish to trade in (make sure to include the mileage and general condition of your vehicle). Once we receive your form, one of our sales associates will immediately begin researching what your vehicle will receive on the local markets. Once they have a general idea of what you can earn for your car, truck, or SUV, they will contact you to discuss bringing your vehicle in to our dealership.

When you bring your auto in, our sales associate will carefully inspect the vehicle for any obvious flaws or damage. Typically your vehicle will also be briefly given to our Service Department for them to ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound. Once our inspection is complete our sales associate will meet with you one last time to explain the value of your vehicle and how we came to that amount. Here at Harvard Auto Sales we want every step of the appraisal process to be simple, easy, and transparent. Get the most for your trade when you come to Harvard Auto Sales!


The best part about dealing with Harvard Auto Sales? There’s no obligation to buy! That’s right, you can trade in your current vehicle and simply take the money. We’re happy to take your vehicle in even if you don’t buy with us. We understand that selling your vehicle privately can be a tedious and stressful process – dealing with low ballers and scam artists is enough to drive you up the wall. That’s why Harvard Auto Sales strives to make the selling experience better! Every step of our process is transparent, and our sales associates will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Make selling your next car, truck, or SUV a snap and bring it to Havard Auto Sales to get the most for your vehicle!