We Buy Cars


Buying a car is a lot of fun, but trying to sell your old one can be a chore. You could spend weeks waiting for a buyer to find you through Kijiji, or you could come straight to a buyer here at Harvard Auto Sales.

We want to buy your car! We will take a took at any car, truck, and SUV brought in, regardless of age, condition, or kilometres. Rust spots, cracked windshields, or unpopular models are just fine—don’t underestimate the value of your vehicle. Bring it into Harvard Auto Sales for a free, on-the-spot appraisal.


Online evaluations—let alone ones from private buyers—often miss out on many key value drivers that our dealership recognize when you see us in-person. Get what you actually deserve for your vehicle, instead of an average calculated by a computer. Our dealership has access to this computer data anyways, and we’ll freely share this data with you after our evaluation!


Our quotes have no strings attached. You don’t need to buy a vehicle from us for us to buy from you, and our offer won’t be based on your decision to buy or not. And did we mention this process is totally free? You don’t pay a penny for the approval, and you have nothing to lose.


1. Bring your vehicle over to Harvard Auto Sales in Lower Sackville, NS

  • Upon your arrival, we’ll introduce you to one of our Appraisal Associates
  • You can book an appointment with us for faster service, or better yet, simply fill out the appraisal form below, and we’ll get back to you right away!

2. On-site, our Appraisal Associate will determine the value of your vehicle

  • Your appraiser will ask you to volunteer the details about your vehicle
  • Enjoy our comfortable customer lounge while you wait
  • You’ll receive an offer in about half an hour

3. Done! You’ll have your offer, and can take time to consider it

  • This offer is valid for one week, providing there is no change in the vehicle’s condition
  • You can sell us your vehicle, trade it in towards the down payment for another vehicle, or further consider your options


When you come into Harvard Auto Sales, just bring:

  • Your vehicle’s title or pay-off information
  • Your valid registration and driver’s license
  • The vehicle accessories, such as all the keys, the remote starter, the user manuals, the spare tire, etc.